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This page is the change log from before 2005. I've split it up because the main changelog was starting to get on the long side . . .

Note that structural changes have occurred within the site since the early stuff was written, so not all the links will be trustworthy.


DateWhat changed
* 17.8.2003 AMPlay 1.53 - minor bug fix. Also fixed a few oddities in the sitemap.
* 17.8.2003 AMPlay 1.52 - Some more significant work done.
* 23.4.2003 AMPlay 1.51 - minor bug fix.
* 16.3.2003 Finally got AMPlay 1.50 tidied up and released. Also, in line with various changes to how AMPlay looks, the colour scheme of the whole site has been updated from intense green to cool blue. Now that AMPlay 1.50 is out of the way, there might be some more frequent updates elsewhere on the site again.
* 25.9.2002 New UK 2002 section added to the photos section. It's too large for one page, so I've split into the main holiday this summer, and the rest. Some broken links arising from the move of the photos section fixed.
* 21.8.2002 Some restructuring - the pics section that was lurking in the about section is now a new top-level item; photos. Also updated a few things in the about section, and added a list of recently moved items to the 404 page. The images involved in the pics section haven't moved - it's just the html that has moved, to make it easier for common relative paths to work consistently. This was all done to make it easier to add new photos, and there are quite a few to do . . .
* 30.7.2002 AMPlay 1.45. Also added a work in progress section for 1.50.
* 29.6.2002 A new entry on the thoughts page, on batch files of all things. Also moved some more change log entries onto the old page.
* 23.6.2002 AMPlay 1.44. Found a bug to serious to leave until 1.50.
* 9.6.2002 AMPlay 1.43. Hopefully the last 1.4x release - I want to get on with 1.50.
* 2.6.2002 AMPlay 1.42. It's a bit like buses - nothing for ages, then three in a week.
* 31.5.2002 Bitfield 1.10 is out. And staying out.
* 31.5.2002 AMPlay 1.41 is out. And, for that matter, in.
* 25.5.2002 AMPlay 1.40 has escaped. Run for your lives!
* 12.3.2002 Added pictures from the Germany trip that have been cluttering up the hard disk for the past month or so. (Updated to fix a couple of broken links within the pics pages, and add fix a couple of typos.) Oh and don't look now, but the diary's been updated for the first time in six months.
* 12.1.2002 Released a little project from the last couple of days. BitField is now available from the RISC OS pages.
* 8.1.2002 Added pictures from our christmas in Florida . . .
* 12.12.2001 Uploaded AMPlay 1.33. To cover the minor things that have emerged from the woodwork since 1.32
* 11.11.2001 Uploaded AMPlay 1.32. Top Tip: release a minor update for an app (1.31) - it makes the more major bug reports come rolling in . . .
* 11.11.2001 Uploaded AMPlay 1.31. Nothing major, just some minor fixes and tidying up before I get stuck into doing 1.40. Also added a link to the changelog, which I'd missed off when uploading 1.30.
* 7.11.2001 Fixed a table layout problem in the HTML version of the AMPlay documentation. Both the on-line and downloadable versions tweaked accordingly. (It's just a layout issue, no new content, and the application and source archives are unchanged).
* 6.11.2001 Just when you thought it was safe to go into the RISC OS page, a new version of AMPlay is released on an unsuspecting world. Or something.
* 11.10.2001 Added pictures from our weekend in Cambridge to the pics page.
* 16.9.2001 New (final) version of Fan Patience released.
* 2.9.2001 More work on the pics page - the formby page has gone, and been replaced by a page for all the various odd days or weekends where we've taken interesting photos. Lots of new stuff on the UK 2001 page. Also added an extra pic to the cats page.
* 23.8.2001 Split the pics page down into sub pages, and added the Scotland pictures to it. Some other sections may appear over the weekend, if I get chance.
* 22.7.2001 Added another timelapse animation to the WebCam pages, of the day the office got essentially taken to bits and re-assembled.
* 21.7.2001 The Stun hasn't generated any major broken links in the log, and checks out OK from here, so the old site on www.liv.ac.uk/~mikejs/home2.htm has finally bitten the dust. Also split the older section of the changelog out into a separate file. Some minor tweaks on the About page.
* 15.7.2001 Finally got around to converting The Stun, which had been lurking around on the old site for years in the old format. This is just a first pass at the conversion, so there may be some glitches, especially in Issue 9, which is the most complex one. This probably means that the old site can finally go, but I'll leave it up for now in case I've missed anything.
* 7.5.2001 New AMPlay (1.22) uploaded.
* 19.4.2001 Added some vaguely interesting stuff to the pics page (the Formby section).
* 5.4.2001 A non-AMPlay related update. Break out the champagne. The reading and listening pages have been updated for the first time in over 6 months. This was a non-trivial task, but that's nothing compared to the length of the reading queue.
* 3.4.2001 AMPlay yet again. Just a minor update this time though.
* 25.3.2001 AMPlay again. It's not that I don't have better things to do, you understand . . .
* 12.3.2001 Guess..
* 7.3.2001 Another new version of AMPlay uploaded.
* 24.2.2001 New, improved, bug fixed etc version of AMPlay uploaded.
* 18.2.2001 After a while of little updates (even the diary has been sparse recently), the work in progress is sufficiently complete to let people loose with it. See the AMPlay page in the RISC OS section to see what I've been up to for the past few weeks.
* 30.1.2001 More new content. Will wonders never cease? A slightly updated version of Recurse has appeared on the RISC OS pages. The most significant difference is the option for the output list file to just have the raw filenames. Not much, maybe, but it means that Recurse can now generate playlists directly for the current main work in progress, AMPlay. Also added a missing.html, because the new web hoster lets me . . .
* 27.1.2001 Some actual new content. See the Graphics Logos page. A bunch more taglines also added to the taglines page. They've been sitting in the diary for months though, so they're not exactly new.
* 29.12.2000 Hacked around a great deal with the Diary structure, and properly sorted things such that it will all still work once there is more than one year in the index.
* 16.9.2000 Uploaded a draft of the marriage page, and fixed a table error in the RISC OS page.
* 15.9.2000 Finally updated the reading and listening pages for the first time in ages..
* 5.9.2000 A first draft of the Science page within Thoughts uploaded.
* 28.8.2000 Updates to the webcam gallery, info page, and a new taglines page created for the huge pile of taglines I've accumulated from the diary. Other stuff in the thoughts section tidied up, but the content hasn't been uploaded yet.
* 15.8.2000 Lotsa pics added to the pics page . . .
* 25.7.2000 The webcam is now up and running again . . .
* 17.6.2000 www.mikejs.com went online. The demon site will be replaced with redirectors shortly, and I'll go through everthing to update other references. Note also that mike@mikejs.com will be the main email address (although it isn't working quite yet).
* 8.6.2000 Updated the !Diary download with some changes to the documentation, and fixed some broken URLs in it. Updated the webcam pages to reflect the fact that the 'test' system has been running unattended for ages, and I've got no intention of tinkering with it . . . Also updated the music listening and book reading pages.
* 14.5.2000 Ran the site through weblint again - picked up a few glitches - now fixed.
* 13.5.2000 Finally, finally, finally got around to releasing Diary 0.06. Documentation pages also uploaded. Also updated the music listening and book reading pages.
* 30.4.2000 Another pic added to the playing page.
* 29.4.2000 Hmm. Been a while. Pics of the guitars are now on the Music playing page.
* 24.3.2000 Typo fixes on the Faith page, and some more netscape fixes - no new content.
* 24.3.2000 Minor tweakings - fixed some netscape problems which seemed to have crept back in. Some changes to the Personality Types entry. Minor tweakings to the Credits page.
* 19.3.2000 Personality Types entry added to Thoughts pages. Faith entry updated, and no longer marked as Draft. Another photo added to the About pages, and some other changes to bring it up to date. Also updated the music listening and book reading pages.
* 18.3.2000 Two images added to the webcam gallery.
* 9.3.2000 Another cat pic added to the About page.
* 28.2.2000 Some changes to the Diary structure. The Latest entry is now in a page on its own - the archives are unchanged, and still include the latest entry. This should make the load times to the latest entry much smaller.
* 23.2.2000 Cat piccys added to About pages, also added thumbnails to these, and to existing pics. An image added to the webcam gallery.
* 20.2.2000 Fixed link to old site from The Stun page.
* 19.2.2000 Icons page in RISC OS section added. Some minor structurual tidyups. This page now links to the pages it refers to.
* 16.2.2000 Tweaks to Faith page, StrongED mode added to 'Other' RISC OS pages, music listening and book reading pages brought up to date.
* 13.2.2000 Faith entry added to Thoughts pages. Other minor tweaks, and link fixing.
* 7.2.2000 Sorted out 'Other' page in RISC OS section.
* 6.2.2000 Fiction stuff added to the words pages. Another image added to the webcam gallery.
* 31.1.2000 Links between Demon and PCWEB now work properly. A number of botches in the sitemap fixed. (Yes, I know, this is just minor tweaking . . .)
* 27.1.2000 Lots of changes to move the site from PCWEB to Demon.
* 23.1.2000 RISC OS Quake and Doom pages added. Also added font screengrabs to the RISC OS page in Thoughts. A couple of images added to the webcam gallery.
* 20.1.2000 Minor tweaks to the words page structures. New versions of Recurse and Fan patience released on RISC OS pages (before you get your hopes up, they are just recompiles with the new WimpBasic2 optimisation. Fan also has a minor bugfix, but apart from that they're functionally identical, albeit faster, than the old versions).
* 18.1.2000 Fixed a few more table botches. More structural changes. Other changes within the diary to make the latest entry easier to get at. More sensible alt text on arrow images ( v, ^, <, >). This page tweaked a bit, most recent stuff now at the top. Credits page tweaked a bit as well.
* 13.1.2000 No Site Wide stuff! A few remaining netscape niggles. Book index added.
* 12.1.2000 Guess what, more site wide stuff. All tables fixed for netscape compatibility. I think. Music page updated a bit.
* 11.1.2000 Just assume site wide updates for now. Side menu is now in a more sensible order.
* 10.1.2000 More tweaks to the diary structure. Timelapse images added to the webcam gallery.
* 9.1.2000 More site wide stuff (and there was me thinking I'd got the basic structure sorted), including the rule-offs, and a standard 'up to top' marker on each page. Bulletpoint graphic added for links within a page, and for list items which aren't links. About pages fixed, webcam gallery expanded and other stuff.
* 6.1.2000 Diary properly structured, and now has some content. More site-wide stuff.
* 4.1.2000 Lots of structural changes. The site now has a much more consistent appearance across a range of browsers. About section extended, diary added (but nothing in it yet) . . .
* 19.12.1999 Some tidying up, RISC OS added to thoughts section. Now linked to from old site.

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