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NameMichael Jonathan Sandells
Home Emailmike@mikejs.com
Work Emailmikejs@liv.ac.uk (Work related stuff only, please).
Web PageErr, I think you've found it. You Are Here.
Date of birth29.02.1972 (Presents, money especially, are always welcome, even at other times of the year)
Martial StatusLargely undefended, although I do have a moat under certain weather conditions.
Distinguishing FeaturesSmall mole in back garden.
JobPrincipal Programmer/Analyst at the University of Liverpool's Computing Services Department.
More detail on the job?No, shan't.
Oh go on.Oh, all right then.

I've been here since March 1996, and I haven't got bored yet.

I'm primarily responsible for looking after the Managed Windows Service (formerly Windows 2000 Service). This is a service available to Staff, Postgraduates and Undergraduates, and consists of (at last count) approx 5,000 workstations connecting to various NetWare 6.5 servers, primarily a 15-node NetWare cluster. I help to install, upgrade, maintain the servers. Our eDirectory database contains around 25,000 users, though I haven't counted it for a while.

I wrote the installation system that we use for installing the workstations - this comprises two CDs and a floppy which can be used by any staff member to install their own machine. Our technicians can also install systems for people. There was also the small matter of documenting this . . .

I have had a lot to do with the installation and configuration of quite a lot of the applications available on the service. We use ZENWorks to deliver the applications, and we currently have over 300 application objects available to all users of the service. If you're a user of the MWS, then I'll have had a hand in quite a few of the things that appear under Start, Install, Network etc.

ZENWorks also allows us to run a system of roaming profiles to allow any user to login at any workstation, and receive their personal desktop.

For more information on my various cow-orkers, see http://www.liv.ac.uk/CSD/Staff.html.

Well, you did ask.

And when you're not working?I go home, usually.
Apart from that?Oh, all sorts of stuff. Currently, I'm spending my time writing a silly q&a style bit for the 'about' section of my web page. I've almost certainly got better things I should be doing. Apart from that, I play a mean guitar (well, it's never given me any money), faff about on my Iyonix, read an awful lot of stuff (or should that be a lot of awful stuff? No, probably not), and so on and so forth. You'll probably get a better idea of what I get up to by looking at the rest of the site . . .
Ah. And is there a picture?It wouldn't be cheap, tacky home page without one, would it?
Er, actually, yes it would.Oh. Oh well.
In any case, there are in fact several pictures, so you can take your pick, or if you are feeling particularly masochistic, look at the lot. In fact there are so many that they now have a little page all to themselves.
Anything else?Yes, here are some recent responses to similar q&a style emails that were sent in my direction (Both from Dheepa I think). In no particular order, with unapplicable answers removed, and minor changes to bring them up to date . . .
Living Arrangement?Yes thanks. With Lisa.
Do you have any pets?No. I do like cats (and this seems to be a fairly cat infested neighbourhood, which I usually take to be a good sign), but don't feel any particular urge to go out and acquire one . . .
On the other hand, other peoples cats I really like. You'll find some suitably furry images on the cat pictures page.
What's on your Mouse Pad?A mouse. And <glances sideways> a jewellers screwdriver, and most of an xD card reader.
Favourite MagazineProbably Guitarist. I don't tend to read much tree based magazines these days - I use the net.
Anything with sufficient paper to it to keep a hot plate from burning your knees is always useful.
Favourite SmellsAnything that makes your mouth water while it's still cooking.
Worst Feelings in the WorldApathy / tiredness.
Best Feelings in the WorldExuberance. Lots of energy and the will to do something useful with it.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning?'How long ago did I switch the alarm off?'
Also 'Is it the weekend or not?' is fairly frequent.
Do you get motion sickness?Nope. Not on the ground anyway - had it once in an (small) aircraft - not nice.
Pen or Pencil?Pencil. Nothing is permanent.
Future son/daughter's nameNever thought about it. No plans to have any, of either persuasion.
Do you like to drive?Yes. The novelty does wear off after a while though. I don't drive to work.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?Only for money.
If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?Burble. As any job is usually very different in practice from the way you imagine it to be, this is a tricky one. Anything that allows me to put my brain to good use indefinitely (rather than just learning a set of automated responses), is good.

Also, anything that pays me to do stuff that I'd be doing anyway.

If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?Something outside the visible spectrum.
Is the glass half empty or half full?Yes. (This is an accurate indication of my attitude to decision making. The question is flawed in that the two options are not mutually exclusive.)
Are you a Lefty, Righty or Both?Righty.
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?There are no right keys.

I tend to type with my right hand covering around two thirds of the keyboard. If I try and even it up, my right hand gets to the end of the word before my left hand does. This is usually a bad thing.

What's under your bed?On average, 50% of the universe.

Actually, my bed goes all the way to the floor. However, the drawers in it contain . . . wait for it . . . bedding.


What is your favorite number?10, but just to be different, I'm not saying what base it's in.
Do you drink?On occasion. Tea mostly. Favourite alcoholic beverage would be a good extra dry cider.
Have you had your appendix and tonsils removed?Not to my knowledge, but I haven't looked recently.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?They've not caught me yet.
One pillow or two?One thin one. Failing that, none.
Favourite types of music?Can tolerate most stuff. Current regulars in the CD player include Soulfly, Fun Lovin Criminals, the new Chris Cornell one, the new Steve Vai one, and just about anything by Devin Townsend. Anything by anyone who really excels at what they do. (See the music page . . .)
Dream car?Never really thought about it. Something that goes from a to b with minimum of fuss really. Oh yes, and with plenty of leg/headroom - being nearly 6'2" can have its disadvantages.
Favourite place to visit?Manchester and environs. Lake district if sunny (long shot that one). The desire to travel the world widely seems to have passed me by. I tend to see places because friends live there rather than due to an urge to see the place itself.
Favourite type of family game to play?Scrabble (or other word games).
What is your bad time of day?Typical answer, but it has to be "morning". Morning in this case being defined as the first couple of hours after you wake up, regardless of what the clock says.
Favourite time of year?Summer, after the students have gone home.
Favourite subject in school?Chemistry. (Hmm. what happened to that as a career then?).
Least favourite subject in school?R.E. (Religious Education) Mainly because it was a church funded school, and we weren't allowed to opt out of it. P.E. (Physical Education, i.e. Sport) was fairly dire as well, although not strictly a subject.
Favourite TV show?Not much at the moment.
Favourite movie?(After much thought) Life of Brian.
Favourite sport to watch?Australian rules all-in celebrity snooker commentating. I could have put 'none' but that would have been just too boring.
Anything "different" about you?One of my legs are both the same.

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