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Mike's WebCam

The update period is around 10 minutes . . .

If there's no-one in, we may be out, either saving the universe from destruction or grabbing a sandwich.

If the scripts are working, there should be some files in the archive. The archive is now being trimmed to avoid it taking over the server. There should be images from this week and last week in there. Note that the archive (and webcam image) is located on a different server to the one hosting the rest of mikejs.com.

You can also have a look in the gallery to see various allegedly interesting images preserved for either eternity or until I get bored of them, or have a look at the info page to see how I got it working in the first place.

The webcam hasn't been running in quite a while now, largely because I needed the network point for something else, and then when I reorganised the desk around I found that the power supply fan makes quite a noise and I can't be bothered fixing it. The machine does however still work, and might get powered on every now and then just for the sheer hell of it.

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