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RISC OS is the operating system that runs inside Acorn (R.I.P) computers. Now developed by RISC OS Ltd, Castle, with hardware solutions available from Castle, or from Advantage6.

Anyway, the stuff on these pages is of no use to you if you're running any flavour of Windows, Mac, Unix, or Amiga. Feel free to have a look though.

If a download doesn't give a file size, then it's usually under 10Kb.

> AMPlay. A front-end for the AMPlayer mp3 playback module. (26/32 bit neutral)
> Sprite Utilities. A sprite splitter and a palette swapper. (26/32 bit neutral)
> Recurse. A filer/desktop utility. (26 bit only, might be resurrected)
> BitField. A programming utility to assist in setting flag words etc. (26 bit only)
> Diary. A utility for maintaining web-based journals, amongst other things. (26 bit only, unlikely to be developed further)
> Fan Patience. A card game. (26 bit only, unlikely to be developed further)
> Icons. Icons and an hourglass (26 bit only) to download.
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