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Some pictures. Mostly of a pictureish nature, some fairly picturesque, others from my pictureism period, if you can picture it.

Note that even though the images are thumbnailed, there can be quite a few thumbnails to a page, which may add up to a few hundred K or so.

If you wish to make use of any of these photos for any purpose other than viewing on this site, please refer to the usage page.


> Older Scanned stuff from the pre-digital age.
> 2000 Lisa's trip to the UK. My trip to the US.
> 2001 Trips to Cambridge, Yorkshire, another trip to Florida, and various other bits.
> 2002 London. Ray and Verna's visit to the UK. Plus Ironbridge, Wiesbaden, and others.
> 2003 Another US trip to Florida, and New England. Devon and Cornwall. Lyme Park and some other bits.
> 2004 Tom, Linda and Eric's visit to the UK. Llandudno and some others.
> 2005 Mostly south Wales. Also Hampton Court, another visit to Bodnant, and Hay on Wye.
> 2006 Durham and surrounding area. Lincolnshire, and some other odds and ends.
> Other Various camera experimentation, cats, guitars, stuff from the garden, and me.


I have a tendency to take particular types of shot. Water and reflections are something I find very interesting, as are serious macros and all sorts of other things of an abstract nature. The following pages pull together links to all the photos in a particular category. This saves you having to search through all the years and sub groupings, above.
> Abstract
> Water
> Sunsets
-> Clouds
> Surfaces
> Macro


  • Within the chronological sequence are pages that cover particular trips or holidays. If these happen to cover a wide area, or include several separate loops, then the page may have quite a wide-ranging title, like UK Trip, or US Trip. Within the same year we might have had other separate trips to a specific place. Thus, for 2002, there are separate pages for Derbyshire, London, and the UK. I know that the first two are geographically in the latter, so please don't bother emailing me to point out this supposed error. It is not an error because the pages are not grouped geographically, but on a one page per trip basis.

  • Anything before around mid-2002 probably started out as a diary entry, and while the diary isn't around any more, I've retained the text associated with the pictures. Images from after that point will have much less text associated with them.

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