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I occasionally get emails from people wanting to use one or more of the photos on these pages for some purpose or other, usually web use or occasionally publication.

This page details what is allowed, and what isn't.

The photos on these pages fall into three categories;

  1. Photos taken inside museums, inside York Minster, or inside some other private institution.
  2. Outdoor scenery, other publically accessible locations, abstract work, photos in and around our house.
  3. Photos of myself or Lisa.

Photos in the first category may be used for non-commercial projects only, in any media, subject to the requirements below. The non-commercial restriction is due to the institutions in questions requiring a permit for commercial photography, and I didn't have one.

Photos in the second category may be used for commercial or non-commercial projects, in any media, subject to the requirements below.

Photos in the third category may not be used.

Photos in the first and second categories are subject to the following requirements of use;

  • The photo must be creditted with reference to both myself, and www.mikejs.com.
  • For online projects, you must have your own webhosting arrangements to host a copy of the photo. i.e. I must not incur bandwidth costs arising from the viewing of my photo within your project.
  • The photo must not be used in promotion, advertising, or in any way in support of any of the following:
    • Religion or faith (whether formally organised or not).
    • Alternative medicine, by which I mean any purported beneficial treatment which has not demonstrated its merit via independently reproducible double-blind trial.
    • Horoscopes, fortune telling, and other attempts to predict the future that are not based on scientifically valid models.
    This restriction also applies to use by organisations that support or promote any of these things.
If your use of the photo passes these requirements, then there is no charge for their use. I would appreciate being informed of their use, and in the case of printed work I would appreciate a copy of the work, but this is not a requirement.

If your use of the photo is not allowed within these restrictions, then there is no fee that you could pay that would allow their use.

If you are allowed to use the photo, then you can do whatever you want with it, subject to the restrictions above. This would include, for example, using parts of the photo, or using the photo after it has been through some serious image processing etc.

Other information

In some cases, the photos available on this site have undergone some colour or contrast correction before being uploaded. If you want to use a photo, and would prefer to use the original jpg from the camera, contact me by email.

For anything prior to 2005, the resolution you see on the site is usually direct from the camera. There is no higher resolution image. From 2005 onwards, I have a new camera, with higher resolution and the images posted here are half size (in each dimension, i.e. one quarter the number of pixels). The original jpg from the camera is available on request, assuming you meet the requirements above. Raw or TIFF images are not usually available.

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