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 Latest Information 

This page gives information on when and where I've added new content. The Old page contains changes prior to 2005. Note that on that page, and to a certain extent on this page, site changes since the entry was logged may mean that links may not work.


What changed
* 31.5.2008 AMPlay 2.03 released.
* 15.5.2008 AMPlay 2.02 released.
* 16.7.2006 And now most of the rest of it is. All the photo content is now present - the pages with particular categories still have no links.
* 14.7.2006 Some of the stuff listed below is actually there now.
* 9.7.2006 Major hackery. Lots of extremely elderly and unlikely to ever be updated content removed, including much of the graphics animations, the diary (last updated 2002), the stun, and quite a few other odds and ends. Some other bits may disappear in the near future, or might not - I haven't entirely decided yet where to lop bits off.

However, there is quite a lot of new stuff as well - in disk space terms, the site has grown, not shrunk. Most of this new stuff is in the photos section, which had last been updated in 2002. For quite a while now, we've been running our own server at home from which we can share photos with friends and family, so the need to post snaps publicly had disappeared. I've therefore rehashed the whole photos section and brought it up to date, largely removing things that were simply snaps from a day out, and keeping those that were actually good photographs in their own right, and then adding all the additional good ones taken since 2002.

Also updated is the music page, which is now automatically updated from amplay.

* 6.11.2005 SprSplit and PalChange released. Also note that the current AMPlay release is 2.00a.
* 30.10.2005 AMPlay 2.00 released.
* 28.3.2005 Updated the AMPlay2 status.
* 30.1.2005 I aten't ded. Tidied up a few things, added usage details to the photos page and updated the AMPlay page with the status of AMPlay2.

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