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These pages were entirely written using keyboard and brain. StrongED v4.60 (and now 4.67 . . .), and its accompanying (slightly customised) HTML mode were of great assistance in this process. The StrongHelp HTML manual (based on one of the O'Reilly (Oh, Really?) books) was also handy.

The graphic content of the site is a lot lower than it was. The little arrows were done by hand in Paint. InterGIF was used for the GIF creation, ChangeFSI for the jpegs. Studio 24 Pro should take credit for most of the still images on the Graphics pages. The morphs were done in Morpheus, and the textures in Texture Garden (or Studio 24).

The following web sites have been influential in the design, structure, inspiration and general approach to the whole thing. i.e. If it looks cool, I probably nicked it from one of these (Alphabetical order):

* David Chess
* Justin Fletcher
* Karawynn Long
* Kim Rollins (Cirocco) (Seems to have been removed from the site now.)
* David Thomas
* Helen-Louise Windsor (Astral Alice) (now back, again - had moved sites)

(Note: I'm just acknowleging the influence of the above sites - I've not copied any HTML directly - these pages were entirely typed in by little old me)

No small cute fluffy animals were harmed in the creation of this site.

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