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BitField 1.10

This is a utility for programmers to assist in setting flag words or in other situations where particular bits of a number need to be set.


  • Toggle bits and see what this does to the resulting number (in decimal, hex or binary).
  • Enter a number (in decimal, hex or binary), and see the results.
  • Send the decimal, hex or binary result to the keyboard buffer to allow it to be entered in whatever programming tool you prefer.
  • Functions to invert (swap 0s for 1s and vice versa) mirror (flip bit pattern left to right) or shift the bit pattern left or right. There is a wrap option when shifting bits.
  • Interactive help supported.

BitField Screenshot (27Kb)

BitField is written in WimpBasic2, and requires WBModules (2.09 or greater) in order to run. It requires RISC OS 3.1 or greater, although it has only been tested on RISC OS 4. Note that it also requires at least 800x600 screen resolution to fit the whole window on screen. It is currently 26-bit only, and requires Aemulor to run under 32-bit RISC OS versions (although it works quite well under Aemulor). A 26/32-Bit neutral version may appear at some point in the future.

Download BitField v1.10 (16Kb, Zip)

Download BitField v1.10 Source (14Kb, Zip)

WBModule 2.09 (72Kb, Zip)

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