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'Diary' is a little utility with the following main features;
* Simple journal keeping -
* Entries can be in any text editable format.
* Can keep its own journal in a user-defined directory structure, or can be configured to use the directory structure of other applications which use journal files (e.g. Organizer).
* Generation of output from the journal -
* Archive of complete month.
* Index of entries in a particular month.
* Output is defined by a script, so can be HTML, XML, or indeed any other text based output format.
* Macro expansion -
* Most standard RISC OS time macros supported.
* Additional Diary macros to refer to other entries in the journal.

A typical example of a use for Diary would be the automatic generation of the HTML files for a web-based diary page. The application was in fact developed for exactly this purpose however Diary itself does not have any understanding of HTML and the output can be in any text based format.

Due to the relatively early stage of development at which I am releasing this, it does not yet contain much of a front end for the configuration. Changing settings and defining the scripts by which files are compiled is still done by editting the configuration files manually. It also has a fairly high degree of debug logging in it, although this is disabled by default.

Download Diary v0.06, application and basic documentation (105Kb, Zip)

Download Diary v0.06, WimpBasic 2 source (21Kb, Zip)

Download WB Modules 2.09 (72Kb, Zip)

(Note: If you downloaded the earlier v0.06 archive, with the app and source in a single zip file, the only changes in the above downloads are some tweaks to the documentation - the actual application and source file are unchanged)

Diary is written in WimpBasic, and requires WBModules (2.09 or greater) in order to run. It requires RISC OS 3.1 or greater. I haven't tested it on RISC OS 4, but I'm not doing anything 'undocumented' so it should work with the latest WBModules. While not essential, some form of Long Filename support would be a good idea. Diary requires a 26-bit version of RISC OS, although it will run under Aemulor on 32-Bit platforms. A 26/32 bit neutral version is probably unlikely unless anyone wants to persuade me otherwise - as I no longer bother maintaining a web diary, I no longer make much use of this application.

The documentation (such as it is) on these pages is included in the archive.

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Getting Started

The default settings for Diary keep its files in a directory relative to the actual !Diary directory. This means that it will not run from inside a read-only archive, and for performance reasons I wouldn't recommend this anyway. You should copy the contents of the archive to somewhere on your hard disk, and keep the 'Diary' and '!Diary' directories in the same location (or modify the options file accordingly.

When run for the first time, you should see the main window (The entry name will probably be in Red);

Diary Main Window
Diary Main Window

To get Diary to do anything useful, you will need to configure it (although the defaults are fairly sensible, or I certainly hope so), however in order to do that you may need to have some knowledge of the system of macros that are used. Once you've got the hang of that, you might want to try writing your own scripts for it . . .

> Macros
> Options
> Scripts
> History & To-Do list

License Conditions

This application is Freeware. This means that you can copy it, distribute it as much as you like with the following restrictions:

* Only the complete application is distributed. Portions of this application may not be distributed either separately, or as part of another product.
* No charge other than media and postage costs is made for this application.

I'd appreciate an email before you put it on a CD, cover disc, or the like, but that's more a matter of courtesy, and of checking that you've got the latest version . . .

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