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0.01 (unreleased) 1.2.2000

Pretty basic, simple file append, lots of hardcoding of paths etc.
Purely a file processor, didn't have an 'edit' button etc.

0.02 (unreleased) 5.2.2000

First attempt at macros, but as I wasn't aware of the RISC OS standard, they weren't standard, and the modifier system was different (basically, I'd made things easier by using a system whereby all the tags were the same length, and the modifiers were separate tags in their own right).
Edit button appeared, but still no date information in the front end.
No scripting - everything was hardcoded internally.
All date processing was by manipulation of text strings.

0.03 (unreleased) 6.2.2000

Debug logging modified to allow variable levels of verbosity.

0.04 (unreleased) 25.3.2000

Script processing added
Main window revamped, date dialog added, ability to edit past entries etc.
Date macros re-implemented using RISC OS standard, but many still unsupported.
Options file added, all hardcoded paths, filenames etc moved into options file.
Routines added to work out the day of the week for a given date etc.
Basic index of entries kept, but it didn't work properly outside the current month.
Some incomplete documentation written.

0.05 (unreleased) 13.4.2000

Date handling changed to keep date information internally in numeric format, and convert to text as required.
Number of global variables with date information reduced to make a lot of functions a lot simpler.
Meta tag is now editable.
Entry indexing now works properly.
First and Last entry macros now work.
menus added to main window.
'Now' button added.

0.06 (first released version) 1.5.2000

Support for multiple scripts - separate directory to keep scripts and file fragments apart.
Main window redesigned, script choice dialog added.
Config button and menu option added to allow options file to be editted directly (still requires a restart to take effect though).
Entry forward and back buttons now work properly.
Time macros supported
Current date information on menu is ticked
Strips leading and trailing spaces when reading the options file, and from the command while script processing.
Hourglass control, and percentage indicator when in a script loop.
Can generate new entries from a script rather than simply copying the template.
Option to show actual path to current entry on main window.
Mail and Web launchable from info window.
Main window only redraws the icons that have changed rather than redrawing all of them on every change.
Help and script examples added.

0.06 (Second released version) 8.6.2000

Minor tweaks to the documentation to allow it to work properly from file systems without long name support.
License conditions for the application are now more explicit. (i.e. I actually tell you that it is freeware . . .)
Some urls fixed in the docs.
Application itself is unchanged from the original 0.06 release.

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To Do List for 0.07:

Rescan script directory without restarting
Extra options on main window to allow NewEntry=Script/File to be toggled, and also a selector to allow the relevant file to be picked.
'missing_entry' as a section within loops to be applied if the entry isn't present.
Random names for the temporary files used when processing loops (this is the first thing needed to allow loops to be nested).
Use Choices for storing options
Have a script for creating new entries, and a further script which appends more information on editting an existing entry (auto-timestamping of additions to an entry)

By 1.00

Proper error checking within the script parser (like, for example, checking that an output filename has been defined before allowing commands that would send data to the output file to run . . .)

Improved looping, with nested loops;
* by week (from specified day)
* by x
* days
* months
* entries
* year

'IF' statement within script to allow for structures to be built within the day of the week etc. IF day = Monday etc etc
Some form of options interface.

NB added 2006. While I've left the above intact for historical information, Diary is unlikely to be developed further at this point.

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