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Fan Patience

This is a desktop version of the card game known as Fan Patience. The name derives from the fact that the cards are supposed to be dealt in groups of three, in a fan shape. As the desktop version deals them in a boring rectangular manner, it is probably worth pointing this out.

Then again possibly not.

Fan Patience Screenshot (19Kb)

Fan Patience is written in WimpBasic2, and requires WBModules (2.09 or greater) in order to run. It requires RISC OS 3.1 or greater. I haven't tested it on anything other than RISC OS 4, but I'm not doing anything 'undocumented' so it should work with the latest WBModules. It is 26-Bit only, but runs OK on 32-Bit RISC OS under Aemulor.

Download Fan Patience v1.00 (47Kb, Zip)

Download Fan Patience v1.00 Source (60Kb, Zip)

Download WB Modules 2.09 (72Kb, Zip)

What's New in 1.00?

  • Icon to display number of possible moves added.
  • Button to show hints (basically toggle through the possible moves) added
  • Tweaks to the window templates to make more style guide compliant and to have more room for buttons.
  • Warn on exit made optional.
  • Possible move display and hinting made optional
  • No longer requires options or highscore file to exist on startup.
  • Added help menu option to open help file.
  • Some other internal tidying up.

At this point, some four years after having started it as a first app to learn WimpBASIC in, I'm calling this one complete . . .

A 26/32-Bit neutral version of this is unlikely, unless a simple mechanism is provided for recompiling WimpBASIC projects into 26/32-Bit neutral applications. I'm not likely to re-implement this in another language.

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