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Recurse is a utility which enables you to perform a specified action on a set of files within a directory structure. You can, for example, load all HTML files within a directory structure, or produce a text file of all jpeg files in a browsers cache directory. You can choose to limit the search by filetype, by filesize (larger or smaller), or by using wildcards. Default options can be set, and it supports a quiet mode to allow it to be run easily in boot sequences or from task alarms as well as as a desktop utility.

Recurse Main Window Recurse Main Window (20Kb)
Recurse Options Window Recurse Options Window (43Kb)

Recurse is written in WimpBasic, and requires WBModules (2.09 or greater) in order to run. It requires RISC OS 3.1 or greater. I haven't tested it on RISC OS 4, but I'm not doing anything 'undocumented' so it should work with the latest WBModules. It is 26-Bit only, but runs OK under Aemulor on 32-Bit RISC OS versions. If I get time, re-implementing Recurse, or a sucessor to it, in 26/32-Bit neutral form might happen at some point.

Latest Version:

*  Added raw format option for log file.
*  Save boxes are now more style guide compliant (save on drag rather than when clicking OK). Text is also correctly justified in them.
*  Now supports choices$path and choices$write for saving&loading options and types file.
*  Options file now has extra options to allow custom options files, and custom types files. (This is to allow multiple copies of Recurse to use different settings, even if they are all reading the options file in choices$path).
*  Other minor tidyups in the source.
Download Recurse v0.07 30.1.2001 (63Kb, Zip)

Download Recurse v0.07 30.1.2001 Source (22Kb, Zip)

Download WB Module 2.09 (72Kb, Zip)

Things still to do with Recurse:

*  User-Specifiable listing format, with pre-defined formats for the various music players out there. DigitalCD works with the raw format, but the filetype of the output file needs changing.
*  Include/Exclude files by datestamp.
*  User specifiable command line action.

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