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If I (or indeed, you) spot any cool images in the archive, I may preserve them here for posterity, possibly using formaldehyde, or failing that, lots of sugar and some pectin.

These pictures do not sum up the essential nature of this office. The one thing that the WebCam cannot do is tell you just how hot it is in here. Something to do with the 12 or so PC's and 8 screens on the go. Some of the PC's are ex-servers, with multiple power supplies, and disk arrays, and they don't 'arf kick out some heat . . .

The ambient temperature in here is around 28°C (82°F in old money).

Well, that's my excuse for looking asleep anyway.

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* General
* Timelapse


Here are a few still images from the WebCam, from when I was testing it. (Old Stuff)
WebCam The desk. (15Kb). A rare sight. You can actually see the wood in places.
WebCam Working on the other workstation. (21Kb). Yes, working. Tim's corner in the background.
WebCam Yet another view across the office. (16Kb). Looking over to Steve's corner.
WebCam The way out, man. (13Kb). Or way in, depending on how you look at it.

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And here are some more recent (ish) images culled from the archive.
WebCam Cousin It. (18Kb). This will mean nothing to you if you have managed to avoid the Addams family.
WebCam Office Sardines. (20Kb). I think this is the most people we've ever had in the office at once. There are more to the right of shot.
WebCam Frowning. (15Kb). I don't remember what I was doing, but I sure look worried about it.
WebCam Headbutt. (16Kb). Actually fixing the drive caddy in one of the PC's.
WebCam Another peaceful moment. (19Kb)
WebCam That windswept look. (20Kb)
WebCam There's no point in any of this if you can't read the t-shirt. (21Kb)
WebCam One of my stranger expressions. (20Kb)
WebCam Focus of attention. (20Kb) It's amazing the fascination of looking inside something to see how it works. We're actually looking at the innards of one of the keyswitches.
WebCam Tired. (20Kb) Sometimes it all just gets too much.
WebCam Thirsty Work. (20Kb)
WebCam Jacket. (20Kb) A rare sight given the temperature in here . . .
WebCam Grin. (20Kb) A moment of some amusement . . .
WebCam Hair (20Kb) Hmm. Maybe I should start growing it . . .
WebCam Headbutt2. (20Kb) Another failed attempt to headbutt the camera while fiddling with PC innards . . .
WebCam Eye Eye. (17Kb) I must stop peeling onions at work.
WebCam Look There. (19Kb) Something strange going on on the monitor . . .
WebCam Stretch. (19Kb) Says it all, really.

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And here's a days worth of images scrunged into an animated gif. I've tweaked the timing to slow it down just a tad (16 centiseconds between frames rather than the default of 8) to make them a bit less flickery.
WebCam 7th Jan 2000 (1.9Mb).

And finally, another timelapse sequence from the day we replaced our desks (well, Steve and Tim replaced their desks - mine had already been done, which is how come the cam actually has something to stand on).
WebCam 12th July 2001 (2.4Mb).

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