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Back at the start of time I did a degree in Chemistry at UMIST. This was great fun, and provided me with three years of amusement, a variety of cool friends, life in houses that were unfit for human (or even student) habitation, interesting stir-fried "food", and even more interesting curries. I can highly recommend the whole thing.

Having got the degree, I was on the dole for a few months (resulting in the levels of boredom that caused The Stun to be started (an allegedly humourous magazine/newspaper than ran to 9 issues)), before getting a job working for Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd (in Reading), doing some vaguely chemical engineering related work on their CAD system. After four months of my six month contract had passed by, they moved me into their PC and Network support area, originally because they didn't have anything else for me to do with my remaining time.

Some eighteen months later, I was still there . . .

My time at FW was spent mainly looking after their Netware 3 system. This was a bit of a departure from the chemistry, but I picked it up as I went along, and spent many happy hours slaving over a hot keyboard, trying to accumulate more bits of PC on my desk than anyone else (I hit a maximum of about three and a half PC's, two 21 inch monitors, and a pair of 80W speakers as I recall.)

Anyway, having had a total of two years at Foster Wheeler, I got a better offer back up north, and started at Liverpool. This is where we came in . . .

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