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I've been playing guitar now for, er, <cough> years. One of these days I'll get the hang of it.

I have various guitars, my main one being a Line6 Variax 700, in black. This connects via a morley Bad Horsie2 wah pedal to a pod 2.0 amp simulator and effects box. This then connects to the computer for sampling etc, or simple pass through to the stereo. I don't bother with a dedicated guitar amp.

I also have kicking around an Ibanez S270 in metallic blue. This connects to a Zoom 3030, which in turn connects to the computer, etc etc.

I've also got an old (1988 I think) Squier Strat. This was my first guitar, and although I was going to sell it when I got the Ibanez, I just couldn't bear to part with it. It's got stickers all over it, and the trem's broken so it probably isn't worth that much. Has a decent sound to it, and is sufficiently different to the Ibanez to be worth keeping anyway. I keep meaning to set this up with a high action for learning slide, but haven't got round to this yet.

I've also got an acoustic - a yamaha , good fun for those mellower moments.

Amp wise, there's an old Fender Champ 25, one of those cute little Marshall MS-2's (imagine a full marshall stack that's been shrunk in the wash to be about 4 inches high), and a Marshall bluesbreaker.

My air guitar is currently not used much. You just can't get the strings these days.

Normally the act of turning on a tape recorder has the effect of making me play unadulterated rubbish. By some fluke, I've managed to record the following track without too many mistakes in it.
* mike_guitarist.mp3 (4.3Mb). This is me on the Strat, blazing away over one of the blues backing tracks from Guitarist magazine.
The process of sampling it (at work, via a walkman) has lead to it being about half a tone flat, but unless you are blessed with perfect pitch, this shouldn't be noticeable unless you try to play along with it. This was recorded quite a while ago now, probably sometime in 1999.

You'll find pictures of the guitars, and evidence of my playing them on the guitar pictures page, although these are now slightly out of date (I no longer have the acoustic shown there, for instance).

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