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These are all logos which were done for work. Some of them were used, some of them weren't. Some of them will be very familiar to users of the MNTS, even if they've never actually read them 8->.

* W2KS

Managed Windows Service

This is the current primary user service we provide.

MWS Staff Pre-login screen for MWS staff workstations. (220Kb)

All MWS logos are now based around this - the text on them varies a little, but the background is the same. As the MWS was, for a while, supported on both Win2000 and WinXP, the logo indicates which is present.

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Windows 2000 Service

The windows 2000 service is now called the Managed Windows Service - the name change came about with the move to Windows XP, and the need for the service name to be called something less connected to the particular client operating system version we were using.

install logo Logo used during the installation of the W2KS. (130Kb)
Pre-Login wallpaper The wallpaper displayed before login. (70Kb)
default wallpaper The wallpaper that new users to the service will end up with by default. (21Kb) This also makes it a lot easier to tell W2KS workstations from MNTS ones, or for dual boot systems, which one you booted.

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Managed NT Service

Anything done using the official University logo has to conform to a number of criteria, some of which are extremely tricky as they specify distances in millimetres between the logo graphic and the text. Quite how this works for a bitmap designed to be displayed at an unknown resolution on a monitor of unknown size I never did quite work out.

install logo Logo used during the installation of the MNTS. (36Kb)
old mnts logo The first stab at a login screen. (55Kb)
current mnts logo The MNTS login screen. (118Kb)
self reg logo An unused logo for the self registration system (not yet running). (106Kb)
This one didn't go down too well (indeed, there is too much detail behind the text), so the actual self reg logo will be a variant of the current one with modified text.
signature If anyone has noticed that I've signed the MNTS logo's in the bottom right corner, they've kept it to themselves. The secret is now out. (8Kb) (8x zoom of bottom right of the current logo.)

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