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This is all stuff that was done for the sheer fun of it . . .

I find the process of making morphs fascinating - the intermediate images where you can make out elements of both the starting images are very strange indeed. This probably says something about the inner workings of the brain, but I'm not sure what exactly . . .

Files are available as MPEGs.

Morph of two ArtWorks files - the MG into the Mini and back. 110Kb MPEG
The car in question belongs to my ex cow-orker, Neil. There is similar stuff on the Alpine page. 480Kb MPEG
From James' wedding. He's the one without the beard. 127Kb MPEG
Another one from James' wedding. This was my first attempt at a three way morph (sequence: abcacba). The extra victim is Justin. 461Kb MPEG
As above, but smaller. Just the abca sequence. 231Kb MPEG

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