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This is a whole group of images I did one afternoon while bored. The idea was to take the same starting image (a fairly large scan of the Soulfly logo), and see what different effects could be acheived with it. This got a bit out of hand after a while . . .

* General
* Backgrounds


soulfly The original scan that the other images are generated from. (36Kb)
soulfly Early effort at 3D texturing. (33Kb)
soulfly Gold. (42Kb)
soulfly Looks like it's made from blue jelly. (36Kb)
soulfly Overhead view of sand dunes. (23Kb)
soulfly Flames. (36Kb)
soulfly A growing fungus. (126Kb). Need to look closely to see anything of the original image in this.
soulfly Islands. Or possibly bits of bone. (115Kb). My favourite, but I can't remember what on earth I did to get this effect. Again, there isn't much of the original left.
soulfly Ah yes, the 40 pixel gaussian blur. (14Kb). It's in there somewhere.

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Desktop backgrounds

Having done those, they lurked on my hard disk for a while, and then I decided to fill in the background a bit and make some desktop backgrounds from them.
soulfly Red desktop. (131Kb). The background is fairly dark relative to the logo image - you may need to have correct gamma calibration for your monitor for this to work (or alternatively, process the image with the appropriate gamma correction for your system).
The desktop variant is also available in green, gold or blue, all around 130Kb - these are just RGB manipulations of the red version, so there's not much point in thumbnails.

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