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I read a lot. Not as much as I'd like, mind you. It all comes of there being too few hours in the day, or more precisely, too few hours until I have to get up for work . . .

I don't own all these books. The list includes those I've borrowed and felt were worth a mention.

This list is now quite out of date, and fails to include anything from our last two trips to Hay on Wye. I may, at some point, update it with a complete listing of the works in the house, but that might take a while.

As you can probably tell, my main reading interests are in Science Fiction / Fantasy . . .

The rating system is:

> *,**,***,****,*****: The actual rating (*****=best)
> g: grower. i.e. Second and subsequent readings are well worthwhile.
> n: unrated or provisional rating because I've only just got it.

Firstly, as I've done on the Music page, here's the ones that came out with a ***** rating:

Author Title RatingComments
Arthur C Clarke 2001 ***** 
Arthur C Clarke The City And The Stars ***** 
Bill Bryson Notes From A Small Island ***** 
Douglas Adams Life, The Universe And Everything ***** 
Douglas Coupland Generation X ***** 
Frank Herbert Dune ***** 
Greg Egan Axiomatic ***** 
Greg Egan Permutation City ***** 
Iain Banks Complicity ***** 
Iain Banks The Bridge ***** 
Iain Banks The Crow Road ***** 
Iain M Banks Against A Dark Background ***** 
Iain M Banks Use Of Weapons ***** 
Jeff Noon Vurt ***** 
John Varley Demon ***** 
Joseph Heller Catch 22 ***** 
JRR Tolkein The Lord Of The Rings ***** 
Mary Doria Russell The Sparrow ***** 
Michael Marshall Smith One Of Us ***** 
Neal Stephenson Cryptonomicon ***** 
Neal Stephenson Snow Crash ***** 
Neil Gaiman Smoke and Mirrors ***** 
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - A Game Of You ***** 
Nick Hornby High Fidelity ***** 
Scott Adams The Dilbert Principle ***** 
Simon Singh Fermat's Last Theorem ***** 
Stephen Fry The Liar ***** 
Stephen Hawking A Brief History Of Time ***** 
Terry Pratchett Interesting Times ***** 
Terry Pratchett Jingo ***** 
Terry Pratchett Small Gods ***** 
Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman Good Omens ***** 
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack CohenThe Science of Discworld ***** 
Umberto Eco Foucaults Pendulum ***** 
Vernor Vinge A Deepness In The Sky ***** 

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And here's the rest

Author Title RatingComments
Alex Garland The Beach ****  
Alex Garland The Tesseract ***  
Alfred Bester The Stars My Destination ****  
Arthur C Clarke 2010 ****  
Arthur C Clarke 2061 ***  
Arthur C Clarke 3001 ***  
Arthur C Clarke A Fall Of Moondust ****  
Arthur C Clarke Childhood's End **  
Arthur C Clarke Expedition To Earth ***  
Arthur C Clarke Rama II ****  
Arthur C Clarke Rama Revealed ****  
Arthur C Clarke Rendevous With Rama ****  
Arthur C Clarke The Deep Range ****  
Arthur C Clarke The Fountains Of Paradise ***  
Arthur C Clarke The Garden Of Rama ****  
Arthur C Clarke The Other Side Of The Sky ***  
Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes ***  
Ben Elton Popcorn ****  
Ben Elton This Other Eden ***  
Bill Bryson I'm A Stranger Here Myself ****  
Bret Easton Ellis American Psycho ****  
Carl Sagan Contact ****  
Charles Higson Happy Now *  
Christopher Brookmyre Not The End Of The World ****  
Clifford Stoll The Cuckoo's Egg ****  
Compilations 100 Best Short Short SF Stories ***  
Compilations CyberKillers ***  
Compilations Hugo And Nebula Award Winners From Asimov's Science Fiction ****  
Compilations Mammoth Book Of Comic Fantasy ***  
Compilations Penguin SF Omnibus ***  
Compilations The Sandman Book Of Dreams ****  
Dan Simmons Hyperion ****  
Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon ****  
David Baddiel Time For Bed ****  
Douglas Adams Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency ***  
Douglas Adams Last Chance To See . . . ****  
Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless ***  
Douglas Adams So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish ***  
Douglas Adams The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy ****  
Douglas Adams The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul ****  
Douglas Adams The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe ****  
Douglas Adams & John Lloyd The Meaning Of Liff ***  
Douglas Coupland Girlfriend In A Coma ***  
Douglas Coupland Life After God ***  
Douglas Coupland Microserfs ****  
Fritz Leiber Ill Met In Lankmahr ****  
Greg Bear Eon ***  
Greg Bear The Forge Of God ***  
Greg Egan Diaspora ****  
Gregory Benford Furious Gulf **  
Hugh Laurie The Gun Seller ****  
Iain Banks A Song Of Stone ***  
Iain Banks Canal Dreams *  
Iain Banks Espedair Street ****  
Iain Banks The Business ****  
Iain Banks The Wasp Factory ***  
Iain Banks Walking On Glass ***  
Iain Banks Whit ****  
Iain M Banks Consider Phlebas ****  
Iain M Banks Excession ****  
Iain M Banks Feersum Endjinn **  
Iain M Banks Inversions ***  
Iain M Banks Look To Windward ****  
Iain M Banks Player Of Games ****  
Iain M Banks The State Of The Art ****  
Irvine Welsh Ecstasy ***  
Irvine Welsh Omnibus (Trainspotting, The Acid House, Marabou Stork Nightmares)***  
Isaac Asimov Azazel ***  
Isaac Asimov Best of ***  
Isaac Asimov Forward The Foundation ***  
Isaac Asimov Foundation ****  
Isaac Asimov Foundation And Earth ***  
Isaac Asimov Foundation And Empire ***  
Isaac Asimov Foundation's Edge ****  
Isaac Asimov Gold ***  
Isaac Asimov Mysteries ***  
Isaac Asimov Pebble In The Sky ***  
Isaac Asimov Prelude To Foundation ***  
Isaac Asimov Puzzles Of The Black Widowers ***  
Isaac Asimov Robots And Empire ****  
Isaac Asimov Second Foundation ****  
Isaac Asimov The Bicentennial Man ***  
Isaac Asimov The Caves Of Steel ***  
Isaac Asimov The Complete Robot ***  
Isaac Asimov The Currents Of Space ***  
Isaac Asimov The Naked Sun ***  
Isaac Asimov The Robots Of Dawn ***  
Isaac Asimov The Stars Like Dust ***  
Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg Nightfall ****  
James Blish Cities In Flight ****  
James Thurber The Thirteen Clocks & The Wonderful 'O' ****  
Jeff Noon Automated Alice ****  
Jeff Noon Nymphomation ***  
Jeff Noon Pixel Juice ****  
Jeff Noon Pollen ****  
John M Cabe Stickleback *  
John Varley Titan ****  
John Varley Wizard ****  
JRR Tolkein The Book Of Lost Tales Vol 1 **  
JRR Tolkein The Hobbit ****  
JRR Tolkein The Silmarillion **  
Ken MacLeod The Star Fraction **  
Kim Stanley Robinson Blue Mars ****  
Kim Stanley Robinson Green Mars ****  
Kim Stanley Robinson Red Mars ****  
Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse 5 ****  
Kurt Vonnegut The Sirens Of Titan ***  
L Sprague De Camp Lest Darkness Fall ****  
Larry Niven Ringworld ****  
Larry Niven The Ringworld Engineers **  
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle The Moat Around Murcheson's Eye ****  
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle The Mote In God's Eye ****  
Matthew Thomas Before And After **  
Mervyn Peake Gormenghast **  
Mervyn Peake Titus Alone ****  
Mervyn Peake Titus Groan ***  
Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward ****  
Michael Marshall Smith Spares ****  
Michael Marshall Smith What You Make It ****  
Monty Python The Complete Scripts ****  
Neal Stephenson The Diamond Age ****  
Neal Stephenson Zodiac ***  
Neil Gaiman Death - The High Cost of Living ****  
Neil Gaiman Midnight Days ***  
Neil Gaiman Neverwhere ***  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - Dream Country ****  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - Fables And Reflections ****  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - Preludes and Nocturnes ***  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - The Kindly Ones ****  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - The Wake ****  
Nick Hornby Fever Pitch ***  
Orson Scott Card Ender's Game ***  
Robert A Heinlein Glory Road ****  
Robert A Heinlein Have Space Suit Will Travel ****  
Robert A Heinlein Red Planet ***  
Robert A Heinlein Stranger In A Strange Land ****  
Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson The Illuminatus Trilogy ****  
Robert Silverberg Dying Inside ***  
Robert Silverberg The Book of Skulls ****  
Robert Westall The Cats Of Seroster ***  
Samuel R Delaney Dhalgren ***  
Scott Adams Shave The Whales **  
Simon Singh The Code Book ****  
Stephen Donaldson Daughter Of Regals ****  
Stephen Donaldson Lord Foul's Bane ***  
Stephen Donaldson The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story *  
Stephen Donaldson The Ilearth War ****  
Stephen Donaldson The One Tree ***  
Stephen Donaldson The Power That Preserves ****  
Stephen Donaldson The Wounded Land ****  
Stephen Donaldson White Gold Weilder **  
Stephen Fry Making History ****  
Stephen Fry Moab Is My Washpot ****  
Stephen Fry Paperweight ***  
Stephen Fry The Hippopotamus ****  
Steven Brust Jhereg ****  
Tad Williams Otherland Vol I - The City of Golden Shadow ***  
Tad Williams Otherland Vol II - The River Of Blue Fire ****  
Terry Pratchett Faust Eric ***  
Terry Pratchett Carpe Jugulum ***  
Terry Pratchett Dark Side Of The Sun ***  
Terry Pratchett Discworld Companion ***  
Terry Pratchett Equal Rites **  
Terry Pratchett Feet Of Clay ****  
Terry Pratchett Guards Guards ****  
Terry Pratchett Hogfather ***  
Terry Pratchett Johnny And The Bomb ****  
Terry Pratchett Johnny And The Dead ****  
Terry Pratchett Lords and Ladies ****  
Terry Pratchett Maskerade **  
Terry Pratchett Men At Arms ****  
Terry Pratchett Mort ****  
Terry Pratchett Moving Pictures **  
Terry Pratchett Only You Can Save Mankind ****  
Terry Pratchett Pyramids ***  
Terry Pratchett Reaper Man ****  
Terry Pratchett Soul Music ****  
Terry Pratchett Sourcery ***  
Terry Pratchett Strata ***  
Terry Pratchett The Colour Of Magic ***  
Terry Pratchett The Last Continent ***  
Terry Pratchett The Light Fantastic ***  
Terry Pratchett The Unadulterated Cat ***  
Terry Pratchett Unseen University Challenge ***  
Terry Pratchett Witches Abroad ****  
Terry Pratchett Wyrd Sisters ****  
Umberto Eco Kant & The Platypus ****  
Umberto Eco The Island Of The Day Before ****  
Umberto Eco The Name Of The Rose ****  
William Gibson Idoru ****  
William Gibson Neuromancer ****  
William Gibson & Bruce Sterling The Difference Engine ***  
Philip K Dick Ubik ***  
John Brunner Stand On Zanzibar ****  
Douglas Coupland Miss Wyoming ***  

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The Stuff Read Recently (ish):

Author Title RatingComments
Angus Oblong Creepy Susie ****  
Bill Bryson Mother Tongue - English and how it got that way. *****  
Christopher Hinz Leige-Killer ****  
David Brin Startide Rising n In Progress
Jack Chalker Midnight at the Well of Souls ****  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - A Season Of Mists ****  
Stephen Fry The Star's Tennis Balls ****  
Terry Pratchett The Fifth Elephant ***  
Terry Pratchett The Truth ***  

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The Reading Queue:

Author Title RatingComments
Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space n  
Ben Elton Blast From The Past n  
Bob Shaw The Fugitive Worlds n  
C J Cherryh Cyteen n  
Daniel Dennett Brainchildren n  
Daniel Dennett Consciousness Explained n  
Douglas R Hofstader Gödel, Escher, Bach n  
Gene Wolfe Shadow & Claw n  
Gene Wolfe Sword & Citadel n  
Gene Wolfe The Fifth Head of Cerberus n  
Greg Egan Quarantine n  
Jeff Noon Needle in the groove n  
John Gibbin Schrödinger's Kittens n  
John Varley The Golden Globe n  
Jon Grisham A Time to Kill n  
Jon Grisham The Testament n  
Kurt Vonnegut Welcome To The Monkey House n  
Michael Swanwick Stations of the Tide n  
Michael White Leonardo - The First Scientist n  
Neil Gaiman Stardust n  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - Brief Lives n  
Neil Gaiman The Sandman - World's End n  
Patrick O'Leary Door Number Three n  
Phillip Josè Farmer The Cache n  
Poul Anderson The Shield Of Time n  
Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man n  
Richard Dawkins The Blind Watchmaker n  
Richard Matheson I Am Legend n  
Robert M Pirsig Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance n  
Roger Penrose The Emperor's New Mind n  
Shermer Why People Believe Weird Things n  
Steven Brust To Reign in Hell n  
Steven Brust & Emma Bull Freedom and Necessity n  
Steve Jones Almost Like a Whale n  
William Goldman The Princess Bride n  
Tad Williams Otherland Vol III - Mountain of Black Glass n  

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Stuff that was started but never finished, for whatever reason:

Author Title RatingComments
Nick Hornby About A Boy n Started, and stalled . . .
Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders - The Ship of Magic n Started, and stalled . . .
Stephen Baxter Flux n Started, and stalled . . .
Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow n Started, and stalled . . .

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