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Why write down what you think about the subjects that are important to you?

There are a number of reasons.

The act of writing forces you to think about it a bit more. What made perfect sense in your head becomes something very different when structured into words, sentences and paragraphs. Afterwards, you may end up with a much clearer idea of why you think the way you do, or may end up with something completely different.

So, having written, why stick it on a web site for world & dog to read, misinterpret, misunderstand, and generally make a complete pigs ear out of?

Because I can. If I'm going to have a homepage, there's little point if it is just a superficial shell with a few places to show off what I did while playing around in a graphics package. If I'm going to do this, I should do it properly; it should have some real content; it should accurately reflect me, what I think and how I live.

Some of the subjects I'm discussing here are rather contraversial, and debate in these areas tends to generate more heat than light. I will probably respond to emails regarding what I've said here, but please try and keep things constructive. My intentions on these pages are to explain my own views, not to modify yours - I merely ask you to return the favour.

So far, I've bothered to write about the following (in order of random):

>Batch Files

While the still-to-be-written pile contains (in reverse order of random, just for a change):

Moving home
Smoking / Drugs

The presence of a particular subject in a particular pile is no indication of its importance to me. Some of the most important are the hardest to write . . .

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