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A long weekend in Yorkshire in early May 2001, just to look at scenery and stuff. (Bank Holiday).
Malham Tearoom, Malham (239Kb) Nice huh? They also had some nice topiary at the front - bushes trimmed into a teapot, teacup and sugar bowl, but there wasn't a good angle to photograph them from.
Malham Malham Cove1 (154Kb) Medieval agriculture marks (terracing) still visible on the landscape.
Malham Malham Cove2 (182Kb) The main bit of the cove itself. Of course, this is all inland, and the cove has been dry for a long time, but it must have been impressive in it's days as a waterfall. The water now runs underground.
Haworth Road, Haworth (309Kb) Compare the wall with the road to work out just how steeply this is going uphill. Better have good brakes if you plan going in the other direction.
Haworth Haworth Moor (140Kb) With passing horseperson.
Haworth Haworth High Street (186Kb) Again, not exactly flat.
Fountains Abbey Fountains Abbey1 (213Kb) Roofing, who needs it?
Fountains Abbey Fountains Abbey2 (114Kb) An overview, to give you some idea of the scale of this place.
Fountains Abbey Fountains Abbey3 (189Kb) The long room, roof still intact. Probably originally a communal dining area. 12th Century as I recall.
Fountains Water Gardens Fountains Water Gardens (198Kb) Interesting 18th Century stuff to the south of the Abbey.
Fountains Water Gardens Fountains Water Gardens (223Kb) More of the same. There are lots of those little buildings and statues dotted about.
Ilkley Steps, Ilkley (330Kb) A walk in the woods above Ilkley, one morning.
Ilkley Woods, Ilkley (344Kb) Further along the same path
Ilkley Ilkley (321Kb) The point where we turned to come back a different way.

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