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A long weekend in mid April 2001 (Easter weekend). We've been out to North Wales quite a few times (Conwy holding particular attractions), but this was a trip to pop into a few places we'd missed on previous outings.
Twisted Tree Twisted Tree, Bodnant Garden (279Kb) A spectacularly warped specimen of treehood
Bee in Flower Bee in Flower, Bodnant Garden (126Kb) Stuff, happening.
Bodnant Garden Bodnant Hall2 (175Kb) Taken with the above, it is clear that the hall has two fronts, and they are at right angles to each other. It's very confusing.
Bodnant Garden Pin Mill, Bodnant Garden (227Kb) Suitably reflective
Bodnant Garden Green Steps, Bodnant Garden (302Kb) This is what happens (anywhere in the UK, not just Bodnant) when you block a path off from public walking, and leave it to it's own devices for a year or so. Stuff just grows on it, whether there was soil there or not.
Bodnant Garden Waterfall, Bodnant Garden (172Kb) An, erm, interesting angle on it. This is on a bridge over the waterfall, looking down, so the water at the bottom of the picture is moving away from you, and hitting the flat surface which forms the rest of the picture.
Red Wharf Bay Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey (146Kb) No, not Red Dwarf - Red Wharf. Different thing entirely.

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