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Some pictures from a day out at the Squirrel Reserve at Formby in early April 2001. (In case anyone finds the idea of having a specific area to preserve squirrels rather strange, the squirrels in question are the red variety which are rapidly disappearing due to the influx of their larger, greyer cousins. Red squirrels are now found in relatively few places in the UK).

Cloudy SkyCloudy Sky (100Kb) Interesting texture.
SquirrelSquirrel (67Kb) A relatively rare stationary pose.
SquirrelSquirrel (45Kb) A relatively rare occasion where the camera managed to move in vaguely the same way as the squirrel.
Tall TreesTall Trees (356Kb) Interestingly, you get no underbrush at all really.
Twisty TreesTwisty Trees (347Kb) Some interestingly twisted shapes. Any guesses as to the prevailing wind direction?
Tree InterlockTree Interlock (193Kb) Interlocking trees.
Tree InterlockTree Interlock Close-Up (193Kb) Presumably one tree must have been blown partly over, and they've carried on growing through each other. Weird.

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