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A weekend in October 2001, not that you'd guess this from the weather. Basically, we liked the place. It is, along with Oxford, one of the quintessential English university towns - there are colleges here that Edward II started off in the 1300's. All in all, we preferred it to Oxford - it seems to have more space, and the river running up the back of the colleges links them together nicely. They also seem to be more accessible although as it was exam time when we were in Oxford, that might just have been a question of timing.
Ivory Towers Ivory Towers (72Kb) Well, they're not ivory, but you get the idea. Nice weather was coming, that's the old, bad weather disappearing off behind the towers, leading to some nice lighting effects.
Gargoyles Gargoyles (44Kb) A seriously zoomed in shot of one of the towers on King's College.
King's Chapel King's College Chapel (90Kb) More ancient and intricate stonework. Nice lawn too . . .
Green Lawn Green Lawn, King's College (67Kb) At the back, leading down to the River Cam.
River Cam River Cam (115Kb) Anyone for punting? Examination of the punters as they pass by indicates that it's about 6 feet deep here.
Stonework Stonework (possibly Trinity College) (72Kb) Is that a fender or a gibson?
Bridge of Sighs Bridge of Sighs (112Kb) Joining two bits of St John's College (founded 1280, but the "School of Pythagoras" building dates from 1200).

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