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Christmas 2001 was spent in Florida, mostly with Lisa's relatives, but we had time to do some general touristing as well. Roughly chronological order.

CraterCrater (264Kb) An interesting rock formation, seen from the plane. Probably somewhere over Labrador.
ReflectionsReflections (136Kb) Still at Disney.
SeaworldShrimp (209Kb) In the aquaria at SeaWorld. Colourful huh?
SeaworldGlowing Anemone (219Kb) Or possibly radioactive.
SeaworldSeahorse (225Kb) One of the world's stranger creatures.
SeaworldFountain (222Kb) Still at SeaWorld - liked what the lighting was doing with this, as well as the basic design of the thing in the first place.
SeaworldFishy lines (171Kb) Taken in one of those tunnels under a large tank. Far to dim to get the fish without motion blur, but I think itt gives them a nice sense of movement. Also, the underside of the water looks cool.
SeaworldEels (209Kb) The famous gherkinfish.
SeaworldPenguins (241Kb) For some reason, these two weren't speaking to each other.
SeaworldSunset (158Kb) Ok,so I took a photo of SeaWorld car park, but we just don't get lighting like that in the UK.
Sun on WingsSun on the wings (126Kb) One of the clearer days. Bear in mind that this was taken in late December . . .
Chrome PlaneChrome Plane (184Kb) More polishing than I'd like to have to do . . .
EpcotSun behind the palm trees (166Kb) Hmm. Doesn't exactly look like Blackpool. (On way in to Epcot)
EpcotFountain patterns (177Kb) Epcot has some seriously fun fountains.
EpcotAirsplash (132Kb) More fountain close ups. You may get the idea that I liked what the effects here.
EpcotAirsplash (88Kb) And a small one . . .
Epcot Mexico, Epcot (171Kb) I have not tinkered with the saturation on this one. It really did look like this.
Xmas Lights Xmas Lights (205Kb) Ok. This was a short drive from Pete's house. I wouldn't have believed that people would do this if I hadn't been there and seen it.
Kennedy Space CentreVehicle Assembly Building (154Kb) At Kennedy Space Centre. This is, to put it mildly, large. You could, in theory, stack space shuttles three high in there.
Kennedy Space Centre Crawler closeup (191Kb) The crawler is the vehicle that carries the shuttles from the VAB where they are put together and have the boosters attached, to the pad. It does approx 125 gallons to the mile.
Kennedy Space Centre Crawler and VAB (139Kb) An overview.
Kennedy Space CentreA launch pad (151Kb) One of many, but the current active shuttle pad. The gravel track in the foreground is the road the crawler uses.
Kennedy Space CentreSaturn Engine (220Kb) An upward look at the second stage engine of a Saturn V rocket (as used for the moon missions, and the largest rocket ever built).
Kennedy Space CentreRockets in Sun (105Kb) Some other smaller rockets out in the back lot
Kennedy Space CentreMission to Moon (93Kb) That doesn't look much like Mars it's pointing at.
SnowSnow (162Kb) Hmm. Back home for new year, I wonder what the weather's like . . .

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