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A long weekend in York, end of May 2001. Another bank holiday, to see one of the oldest and best preserved medieval city centres in England.
The Shambles The Shambles1, York (244Kb) So, at the time this was beng built (15th Century or possibly earlier) there are property tax laws based on the ground area of the house - what do you do? You make the upper storeys bigger, of course. That is where this style of architecture comes from I think.
The Shambles The Shambles2, York (211Kb) It's interesting seeing these buildings used for modern commercial purposes which the builders would never have dreamt of . . .
Stonework Stonework1, York (312Kb) Interesting bits of grotesquery jutting out of random bits of wall.
Stonework Stonework2, York (340Kb) And again. Apparently while wall building, they would use whatever stone was to hand that was suitable, whether it had sculpture/carving on it or not.
Erosion Erosion, Near York Minster (253Kb) This clearly shows why you have to have a team of stonemasons working at maintaining the older buildings. The rock just dissolves after a while. Compare old (right) with new (left).
Cat on Ledge Cat on Ledge, York (286Kb) By the waterfront, we looked up to see something looking down . . .
Treasurer's House Treasurer's House, York (239Kb) Again, just by the Minster
Water on Leaf Water on Leaf , Treasurer's House(199Kb) A macro moment.
Kirkham Abbey Steps Steps, Kirkham Abbey (330Kb) One of the more intact parts of the abbey.
Kilburn White Horse White Horse, Kilburn (174Kb) Another ancient but modern item. It needs re-whitening every 10 years or so to prevent it becoming overgrown.

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