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A bit of a mixture this one. This set of photos is from the visit to the UK by Ray and Verna (Ray being Lisa's father). We used the house as a base for several shorter trips out to various places around the country, including North Wales, York, some bits of Lancashire, and finally the Lake District (which is cheating a bit as we'd dropped them off at the airport by this point).
01_snowdoniaSnowdonia (102Kb) Cloudy, but there's some serious scenery going on here. Too much to fit in, really so in places they've had to stack it.
02_criccieth_castleCriccieth Castle (178Kb) Not much left of it but the gatehouse, but it looks quite nice up there on the cliff
03_criccieth_sea_levelCriccieth sea level (174Kb) Taken late evening, so the photo is fairly ropey, but I like the optical illusion here. Doesn't it look like the sea level is higher on the right than on the left?
06_bodnant_lilyBodnant lily (149Kb) In the water, so it's supposed to be that wet, honest.
07_bodnant_colourBodnant colour (212Kb) Some contrast? Actually, this was the land of the insanely large, deep blue hydrangea.
10_msi_detailIntricate detail (183Kb) A close up of some detailed work on a big static engine.
12_msi_aircraftAircraft hall (225Kb) Not for any particular aircraft, but just to get an overview of just how jammed in they all are. How did they get that big one in here?
16_rievaulx_carving Carved head (155Kb) A crude, but strangely expressive carving. The expression also seemed to change dramatically depending on the angle. From above, he looks quite annoyed.
17_rievaulx_carving Carved panel (208Kb) Various interesting details, and very panicky looking expressions.
18_rievaulx_carving Carved triple head (192Kb) Three heads sharing four eyes. Possibly the masons were being told to finish as quickly as possible. Or perhaps inspired by an old Queen album cover.
19_rievaulx_columns Columns (236Kb) A view through the columns in the presbytery.
20_rievaulx_overview Overview (184Kb) As above, but easier to see what you're looking at.
21_rievaulx_spiral_stairSpiral stair (249Kb) In the side wall of the presbytery is the remains of a spiral stair.
26_rievaulx_terrace Another view from the terrace (241Kb)
27_flowershow_orchidOrchid (155Kb) One of many orchids on display.
28_flowershow_rose Rose (158Kb) They had some very nice roses - this is probably the best photo that came out.
29_castlehoward_bee Bee in flower (149Kb) In an agapanthus to be precise. They were all over them, mostly going bzzzwzzwwzwzwz.
30_castlehoward_roseRose (120Kb) In the vast rose garden.
34_minster_rose Rose Window (162Kb) From the outside. This (and a lot of the other Minster photos) were taken twice - I'd taken one set, then the sun came out . . .
35_minster_tower Front tower (208Kb) Looking up, just a bit.
36_minster_front Front towers(197Kb) Yes, the sky really was that colour.
37_minster_highlevel High level (168Kb) This is on the way up to the top of the central tower. You go up by the side of the rose window, then across a walkway to get to the stair up the central tower. This is the view of the main towers from the walkway.
38_minster_view_lawn Striped lawn (285Kb) From the top of the central tower, looking down at a nicely striped lawn.
40_minster_view_towers Towers and skyline (121Kb) And again, slightly different angle, and including more of the background view.
41_minster_view_skyline Skyline (213Kb) Looking in back over the rear of the Minster, with more skyline
42_minster_chapter_roof Chapter house roof (237Kb) Inside the Minster, this is the chapter house roof.
45_minster_interior Interior (187Kb) This is a fun one. All my shots of the interior roof of the minster came out wonky, except this one, which was actually taken from outside, in the sun, looking in through the door . . .
46_york_cobbles Sun on the cobbles (297Kb) Down by the waterfront. A nice abstract effect.
53_castlerigg_sceneryCastlerigg scenery (143Kb) Grass, mountains, sheep and stone walls.
54_castlerigg_sceneryCastlerigg scenery (110Kb) Oh, and blue sky. A rarity here, and something to make the most of when you get it.
55_castlerigg_stonesCastlerigg stones (171Kb) It's actually not a true circle (it's flattened on one side), and some of them have fallen over, but you get the idea from this.
56_castlerigg_stonesCastlerigg stones (179Kb) Another view, across an edge of the circle this time.
57_castlerigg_stonewallCastlerigg stone wall (168Kb) No, I didn't climb on it - this was taken holding the camera out over the top.
58_stainton_fellStainton fell (132Kb) It's strange, but this really looks like either the shots above from Snowdon, or the shots of the Cuillin on sky.
59_seathwaite_streamSeathwaite stream (312Kb) Seathwaite gets the highest rainfall per year in the UK. This is where some of it ends up.
60_seathwaite_stream_zoomSeathwaite stream zoomed way in (269Kb) A trick shot, this, given that the patch of water was in shade. This is what you get if you take a close up of a dark patch of water, with flash.
63_furness_cloudsFurness clouds (139Kb) I seem to have a tendency to take cloud shots when interesting formations happen - there are some in just about all the other holiday sets as well. This was another interesting texture.
65_furness_abbey_archesFurness abbey arches (197Kb) They went in for some substantial arches here - not a feature I've seen elsewhere (well, not five together like this).
67_furness_abbey_textureFurness abbey texture (308Kb) This is a close up of some of the eroded rock. Looks almost like a fingerprint pattern.

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