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Essentially, this was an excuse to go and look at lots of interesting places - essentially where the industrial revolution started. Strangely, a lot of it is now fairly rural, and there isn't any heavy industry around here now. End of May 2002.
04_erddig_tree_lineErddig, line of trees (161Kb) Note the little zig-zag box hedge around the base.
05_ironbridge_overviewIronbridge, overview (251Kb) Probably the best view that allows you to see the 3d structure of the thing.
06_ironbridge_zoomIronbridge, zoomed in (167Kb) Being the first bridge to be made from cast iron, there was no precedent for the design. A lot of woodworking techniques were used, because that was what you used in those days for building bridges. So, you get things like this - a cast iron dovetail joint.
07_coalbrookdale_furnaceCoalbrookdale, the blast furnace (303Kb) Essentially, this is where the industrial revolution stated, with the invention of the blast furnace for large scale cast iron production.
08_sculpture_suspensionSculptures, 'suspension' (313Kb) Just near to Coalbrookdale is a museum of iron sculpture. They had lots of interesting stuff from several artists. This was the best example of a recurring theme.
09_sculpture_ironingSculptures, 'ironing' (220Kb) Whereas this one is just silly.
11_buildwas_floor_zoomBuildwas Abbey, tiled floor zoomed in (261Kb) A close up. Note how 3d the surface is on some of these.
13_wenlock_priory_overviewWenlock Priory, overview (193Kb) Another nearby ruin.
14_wenlock_priory_windowWenlock Priory, window (194Kb) It's interesting what survives - the side walls and roof have managed to fall, but the struts in the side panes are intact.
15_wenlock_priory_carvingWenlock Priory, carved gravestone (202Kb) The best, (or at least, the best surviving) of the carvings on display within some of the more intact parts of the abbey.
16_view_from_horseshoe_passView from horseshoe pass (142Kb) On the drive back.

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