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This was actually a trip to get out of the house while the central heating was fitted, rather than any specific plan to have a holiday. Still, we soon got into the spirit of it. End of March 2002.
01_buxtonBuxton (262Kb) In the park, looking down towards the town.
02_winnats_pass_upWinnats pass, looking up (145Kb) Having just driven down through it, boggling at all the scenery crammed into such a small space.
03_winnats_pass_rockWinnats pass rock (166Kb) This looks like a castle turret from a distance, but is a natural outcrop.
04_winnats_pass_downWinnats pass, looking down (121Kb) It was just a little bit hazy, but you can get the idea. This is an area with a lot of cave systems, and it is likely that Winnats pass is a cave system that has collapsed.
05_peveril_castlePeveril Castle (188Kb) Just past Winnats pass, overlooking the appropriately named Castleton. Built by William the Conqueror, and subsequently used as a source for building stone by the locals. The bits on the top left still have their facing stones because that bit is over a cliff, and difficult to get to.
06_from_peveril_castleView from Peveril Castle (143Kb) Looking across the drop at the back of the castle.
07_mam_tor_to_winnats_passView from Mam Tor to Winnats pass (164Kb) That idea about a collapsed cave system makes more sense from a distance.
08_mam_tor_looking_backView from Mam Tor looking back (109Kb) Nice sun in the haze.
09_mam_tor_hang-glidersMam Tor hang-gliders (78Kb) A zoom in of the above shot. There were lots of hang gliders around that day - must have been good conditions for it.
10_arbor_low_stone_circleArbor Low stone circle (224Kb) These are all lying down, and there is a theory that this circle was built that way (the positioning is such that they unlikely to have fallen randomly from an original upright configuration).
11_dovedale_weirDovedale weir (171Kb) Dovedale is a long river valley, and we only walked a short bit of it. This is near the start.
12_dovedale_streamDovedale stream (218Kb) This is just past the stepping stones where you swap from one side of the river to the other. I really liked the curved water surface as it flows over the ledge here.
13_dovedale_hillsDovedale hills (126Kb) Sunlight hitting the hillside at an angle.
14_dovedale_lightDovedale light (71Kb) As you go round the corner, you end up completely in the shadow of the hill. You then get this sunbeam effect over the top of the ridge.
16_chatsworth_cascade_zoomChatsworth cascade, zoomed in (329Kb) A close up of a grouping of narrow steps.
17_chatsworth_cascade_insideChatsworth cascade, from the inside (262Kb) A tricky shot this, from behind one of the taller steps. This was the third attempt at shielding the camera from the running water. I wasn't entirely successful, and the LCD display packed up for the rest of the day. Fortunately it stated working again once things had dried out.
19_chatsworth_cascade_fountainChatsworth cascade, the fountain at the top (324Kb) Actually one of several, feeding in the water that drives it.
20_chatsworth_hedgesChatsworth, curving hedges (238Kb) Elsewhere in the gardens are these wonderful curving hedges. This probably looks better when they're green, but we weren't complaining.
21_chatsworth_emperor_fountainChatsworth, the emperor fountain (111Kb) This is in the middle of the artificial lake in front of the house. It's seriously tall.
22_chatsworth_fountain_and_houseChatsworth, fountain and house seen from the end of the lake (101Kb) Biggish, innit?
23_chatsworth_hedge_mazeChatsworth, the hedge maze (191Kb) Difficult to get a good overview of this without trees in the way, but you get the idea. From inside the hedges are way above even my head height, so you're fairly doomed. Luckily it is small enough to analyse fairly quickly from the inside.
27_chatsworth_footChatsworth, the foot (142Kb) A statue fragment, of something large I'm guessing. Or possibly just a fake foot. Genuine human foot to the right, for scale.
28_chatsworth_libraryChatsworth interior, the library (231Kb) In the dark, without flash, taken freehand. We actually could do with this sort of thing for book storage.
29_chatsworth_awake_lionChatsworth, the awake lion (199Kb) One of two.
30_chatsworth_asleep_lionChatsworth, the asleep lion (209Kb) The other one of the pair, this one sleeping on guard duty.

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