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Little Moreton Hall

Another day out at the weekend, in late August 2002.
01_hall_frontFront view (159Kb) No, it hasn't melted - the left hand side really is that wibbly. The top floor is a single gallery, and it is seriously warped . . .
02_hall_front_sideFront and side (242Kb) The wibble isn't as apparent from this angle, but you get a better idea of the shape. The top floor was a later addition.
03_hall_entranceEntrance (186Kb) Another view of the front, with better lighting.
04_hall_reflectedHall, reflected (268Kb) The moat, with its goldfish, and a reflection of the hall.
05_bay_windowsThe bay windows (193Kb) These entire bay windows, almost complete turrets in their own right, and connected with a small passageway, were later add-ons to the hall.
06_knot_gardenThe knot garden (206Kb) At the rear of the hall, in the formal garden area. They were in the process of clipping this while we were there (by hand) - the middle bit of the knot is still to be clipped.
07_hall_roofThe roof (206Kb) Taken from within the wibbly bit. Photos weren't allowed inside, but I didn't think that out of the window counted . . .
08_tree_and_sky_reflectionTree and sky reflection (178Kb) In the moat at the rear of the hall.

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