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This was essentially a work trip of Lisa's where I tagged along for the ride, strolling round Wiesbaden for a couple of days. Then we had the weekend to ourselves, and ended up taking a small mercedes for a drive up the Rhine valley. It's a tough job but someone has to do it . . .

This was in late Jan/Early Feb 2002

Wiesbaden Town HallWiesbaden Town Hall (198Kb) A fairly imposing building. My wanderings around Wiesbaden were basically bright sunshine with 'orrible big clouds going over, as I think this shows quite well.
Wiesbaden MarktkircheWiesbaden Marktkirche (184Kb) They really go in for the tall and pointy look in the church department here. The thing in the foreground is actually a separate monument.
Wiesbaden MarktkircheWiesbaden Marktkirche Silhouette (156Kb) The sun is behind the left turret. Also, on the right you can just see the green scaffolding that I managed to avoid in the earlier shot.
Wiesbaden Roman TabletRoman Tablet (273Kb) Part of a bunch of roman stuff just left out on display. This one had the lighting angle just right to catch the lettering.
Wiesbaden LuisenplatzLuisenplatz (158Kb) That isn't Marktkirche in the background - it's a different one, St Bonifatiuskirche.
Wiesbaden KurhausKurhaus fountains, Wiesbaden (214Kb) Note the second fountain in the background.
Wiesbaden KurhausKolonnade, Wiesbaden (194Kb) To the right of the fountains, the longest hall in europe supported by pillars. There's a casino inside.
Wiesbaden KurhausKurhaus fountains again (228Kb) This is the back fountain in the above shot.
RuedesheimRuedesheim (158Kb) An overview of the village through the morning mist, taken from the path up through the vinyards. That's the Rhine in the background.
Ruedesheim VinyardVinyard (218Kb) Also from the path above Ruedesheim
Ruedesheim Drosselgasse ArchwayArchway, Drosselgasse, Ruedesheim (256Kb) A nicely lit arch with things growing over it.
Ruedesheim DrosselgasseDrosselgasse, Ruedesheim (251Kb) Apparently a location for much drinking and revelry. Probably rumbustiousness too, but we didn't see much of that at 10am.
Ruedesheim KlunkhardshofKlunkhardshof, Ruedesheim (251Kb) Supposedly the oldest building in Ruedesheim.
Burg RheinsteinBurg Rheinstein (167Kb) One of many many castles that line this section of the Rhine valley on both sides. This place is one of the most castle infested areas on the planet.
Burg EhrenfelsBurg Ehrenfels (165Kb) This one is a little south of Assmanshausen, and quite tricky to get a good photo of. You have to park quite a way away, then walk back along the road to get a view without railway wires in it.
A fast riverA fast river (163Kb) It's amazing how fast flowing the rhine is here, given it's width. Boats would flash by going downstream, and take an awfully long time to pass in the other direction. Also, it's rare that you see concrete bits of harbour etc with 1ft bow waves.
View from PresburgView from Presburg (153Kb) Presburg is a little way away from the rhine, and up a bit, which gives it a reasonable view of the surrounding area.
Burg KatzBurg Katz (120Kb) The wonderfully named Burg Katz. Just to complete the image, there is a small tower in the middle of the rhine opposite Burg Ehrenfels which is called the Mouse Tower.
St Goar in SilhouetteSt Goar in Silhouette (68Kb) St Goar is one of the most photogenic of the castles around here, and has some bits still standing (which still function as a hotel) and some in ruins. The appearance completely changes depending on the angle. This shot was taken from the car, believe it or not.
Burg StahleckBurg Stahleck (61Kb) Another from car shot taken as we were driving back to Wiesbaden on the Saturday.
SchoenburgSchoenburg (144Kb) One of the more mixed looking castles. Clearly built a bit at a time by people with very different ideas of what they were trying to do.
St Goar side viewSt Goar side view (143Kb) Taken from the next ridge down, while we were trying to find the way up to the thing itself, and getting lost.
MarksburgMarksburg (142Kb) An interesting one this. Of all the castles on the Rhine, this is the only one that has remained undamaged since construction, and hasn't been vastly modified or extended. It's still pretty much as built.
Rhens Old BuildingOld Building in Rhens (202Kb) Rhens is full of these timbered buildings with intricate woodwork built in.
Rhens Old BuildingOld Building in Rhens (169Kb) The date in the wall is so big that we didn't spot it at first.
Burg Katz from St GoarBurg Katz from St Goar (187Kb) Having found our way up into St Goar, here's a view of Burg Katz taken from the top. St Goar itself wasn't open yet (too early in the year).
St Goar roof in sunSt Goar roof in sun (172Kb) A nice lighting angle.
Oberwesel TowersOberwesel Towers (167Kb) Oberwesel still has good chunks of the city wall intact, of which this is probably the most photogenic bit. The hill behind the town means that most of the town ends up in shade early in the afternoon, with just the towers sticking out into the sun.
Bacharach AbbeyBacharach Abbey (209Kb) Some nice ruins against the sky.
Bacharach Altes HausBacharach Altes Haus (223Kb) One of the wibbliest buildings we encountered.
Bacharach SkyBacharach Sky (103Kb) Late evening.
Schoenburg SilhouetteStahleck Silhouette (108Kb) Sunday evening, just before we decided that it really was about time to be heading back to the airport.

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