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From my July/August 2000 USA holiday with Lisa. Roughly chronological order.

New York Public Library (112Kb) As featured in the opening bits of Ghostbusters. Seriously cool interior as well.
Dragonfly (257Kb) Some tinkering with the macro mode on the camera here. And it just sat there while I did it..
Hummingbird (149Kb) At Linda's (Lisa's sister). Hummingbirds are pesky things to photograph, as you might expect. Weird to hear them buzzing past your ear as well..
Path in the Woods (295Kb) Also near Linda's. Most of Maine looks like this, but without the path.
Mistscape (61Kb) On the park loop road on Mt Desert Island, Maine. It was a bit foggy. This is the raw, unprocessed image from the camera
Processed Mistscape (125Kb) The above image, tweaked a bit in Studio 24 to see how much detail could be pulled out from the mist. Quite a lot it turns out.
Dew on Cobweb (263Kb) Another macro moment.
Wave Crash (152Kb) Also on Mt Desert Island.
Me (122Kb) Still on Mt Desert Island, but a much sunnier day.
Lisa (119Kb) Same shot (well, almost), different person 8->
Mt Cadillac View (142Kb) Mt Cadillac being the highest point on Mt Desert Island . . .
Tree Bark (316Kb) A very weird texture found at Asticou Terrace, Maine. That macro mode is really coming in useful.
De Lorme Globe (138Kb) The vast globe at the De Lorme map company. This was impressive stuff. Taken from above, with some people in to give you an idea of scale. The globe is rotating by the way . . .

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